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This is the website dedicated to one of Irelands greatest bands who after releasing a great album entitled surprisingly "No Sweat" than split up when you consider that they followed in the footsteps of Thin Lizzy, Horslips, Rory Gallagher, Mama's Boys and Trojan the only way was up but unfortunately after spending too much time in Club 92 they decided that cans of dodgey larger had more of an appeal than reaching the top like that boy band Shitezone the only band named after the public toilets in O'Connell Street (very, very appropiate!!!!!!!!!!) How anybody could buy  any  of their records after hearing Paul Quinn's voice on the majestic " Waters Flow" or the polished guitar on "Heart and Soul" or even the base in "Mover" or  the riff in "Shake" Shitezone eat your heart out

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